London Stout

4.5% ABV

Meantime London Stout is derived from the original Stout Porters of the early 19th century. Made without the roast barley used in their Irish descendents; dark malts and London water work closely together to give a beer of great complexity. Soft mocha coffee and vanilla notes on the nose hint at the lingering vanilla notes on the tongue. A velvet mouthfeel holds a rich and complex palate of caramel, molasses, and nut roast, which gives way to a gentle malt-bitter dryness.

Food Pairing

A steadfast companion to duck, cold meats, black pudding and similarly rich treats, not to mention oysters.

Flavour Profile

Mouth feel

Cases of 12 x 500ml

Recommended Recipes

View Meantime London Stout Honey Tart Recipe

Meantime London Stout Honey Tart


Devised by Richard Corrigan, this scrumptious pudding is perfect for indulging after a Sunday Roast. Taste buds tingling ? You bet !

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