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Tea 'n Biscus.

ALC 4.5% ABV.

We’ve taken a classic Saison beer and given it a unique twist. A traditional Saison beer hails from Northern Europe and is full of fruity aromas with a touch of spice and a dry finish, due to the fast warm Saison fermentation method. We’ve used this traditional brewing method but added in buckets of Hibiscus flowers, used to make Hibiscus tea, to give this beer its wonderfully vibrant red colour, intense fruity flavours and perfectly tart finish.

Brewed by Chris Andrews.

The Pilot Series is our uber-exclusive range of limited edition beers and is only pouring in the below handpicked outlets: Beer Box, North Greenwich. Four Quarters, Peckham. Greenwich Union, Greenwich. The Old Brewery, Greenwich. The Tasting Rooms, Greenwich. The Understudy, National Theatre, Southbank. Vinothec Compass, North Greenwich.

  • Malt
  • Fruit
  • Hoppy
  • Sweet
  • Bitter
  • Mouth Feel
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