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Behind the Beer – Nick Miller

For the second in our ‘Behind the Beer’ series we talk to Meantime CEO Nick Miller.

Name: Nick Miller

Where are you from: London and various spots around the UK

Before Meantime where did you work: SAB Miller UK and Ireland (Peroni)

Meantime Job Title: Chief Executive

What do you do: Try and change the way people think about beer

Do you have any philosophy’s: You reap what you sew

Favourite Meantime beer: London Pale Ale

Favourite other beer: India Pale Ale

Favourite place to enjoy a drink: The Greenwich Union

Favourite food to go with a beer: Curry, preferably Thai!

Favourite city you’ve had a beer and why: London, relaxing in my home city. 2nd New York, thirst quencher when it’s hot, but the beer would have to be crafted and have some taste

Favourite sports team: England Cricket team

Favourite Olympic moment: Mo Farah (x2), The Paralympic athletes were all an inspiration

Album to drink with: Early stuff by the Black Keys

Living or dead….who would you like to share a Meantime moment with: Winston Churchill – he would be a very interesting drinking partner


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