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Yakima Red Launched

Meantime have launched a new addition to our core bottled & draught range – Meantime Yakima Red. This is our first new bottled beer since the launch of London Lager two years ago.

Yakima Red was first created as a limited edition brew which was only available on draught at our pubs as well as a limited number of other selected bars. The reception it received from beer writers and bloggers, together with the speed with which it sold out, has inspired our brewing team to make it more widely available.

Meantime Yakima Red (ABV 4.1%) uses five hop varieties from the Yakima Valley, Washington State, brewed together with rich-flavoured UK ale and crystal malt with a touch of German caramel malt, to give it the deep ruby-red colour and medium-to-full-bodied complexion.

The beer has great character with a citrus edge (grapefruit and clementine) combined with tropical fruit notes, but with restrained bitterness. It makes an ideal match for veal, crispy roast pork, ham hock terrine or charcuterie.

Our Brew Master and Founder, Alastair Hook, who’s team have developed Yakima Red as an entirely original recipe said of the beer:

“This is the beer that started as an experiment and has made its way into the core range. With five different hop varieties – all from the Yakima Valley in Washington State – it’s deep, intense and full of flavour. It’s a beer that everyone here has fallen in love with.

“The Yakima Red journey from test batch to supermarket shelves is one that I’m incredibly proud of – where we’ve managed to attract drinkers to something entirely new. They have not just fallen in love with the beer, but have gained an understanding that this beer is made with craft, passion and the best ingredients can deliver when it comes to flavour.”

The new beer, brewed at our brewery in Greenwich, will be available in selected bars and supermarkets in our iconic 330ml ‘Champagne’ style bottle and draught formats.


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