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Young’s Festival of Beer

Meantime Brewing bring food and beer matching to the Festival of Beer

Meantime Brewing, the Greenwich-based craft brewer, is working up with Young’s on a series of events between 28 September and 31 October.

The crafty collaboration coincides with Young’s first ever Festival of Beer. The festival, which will celebrate all things cask and craft on the brewing scene, will provide the chance for drinkers to get to grips with some of Britain’s best brews.

During the festival period, Meantime will be holding tasting sessions as well as food and beer pairing dinners at 15 different Young’s outlets around London, providing an opportunity to learn about the versatility of beer when it comes to food.

Meantime brewer and beer sommelier Rod Jones will host each event and will be on hand to share his unrivalled knowledge of the perfect food and beer matches.

Rod’s vast knowledge and extensive experience has cemented his reputation as one of the best within the industry. From the history and production of beer, through to its consumption and culture, there is very little Rod doesn’t know about his subject.

The tastings will give festival goers a good understanding of how to balance light pale-ales with robustly flavoured meats, dark porters with game stews and light wheat beer with seafood and cheese.

Rod Jones, brewer and beer sommelier at Meantime Brewing said:

“Beer is such a versatile drink and often makes for better food pairings than wine, yet it’s often overlooked. The idea of the pairing programme is to introduce people to something a little different and hugely enjoyable.”

Meantime events will be held at the following Young’s pubs:

1 Oct, Bunch of Grapes, SE1

2 Oct, Cock Tavern, SW6

3 Oct, Prince Alfred, W9

4 Oct The Old Ship, W6

9 Oct, The Duke of Wellington, W11

11 Oct, The Windmill, W1S

16 Oct, The Crocked Billet, SW19

17 Oct, The Bear, KT22

18 Oct, The Halfway House, SW18

20 Oct, The Nightingale, SW12

22 Oct, The Country Arms, SW18

23 Oct, The White Hart, SW13

24 Oct, The Boathouse, SW15

25 Oct, Brittania, W8

26 Oct, The Fire Stables, SW19


For more information on how to get tickets to your nearest Meantime tasting event, e-mail emma.dickinson@youngs.co.uk

Keep tuned into our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more updates on the Meantime events at the Festival.


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