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Meantime has planted hundreds of hop plants across London in a bid to engage people with the art of British brewing.

The hops grown will be used to create a “crowd-sourced” beer, Meantime True Brew of London.

We’ve created a series of ‘urban hop gardens’ in some of London’s most famous locations including two Royal parks – St James’ Park and Regent’s Park, The Natural History Museum, The National Theatre, Battersea Power Station and Kensington Roof Gardens.

Dozens of pubs will contribute to the brew by growing hops in their gardens, on balconies and rooftops. Premium retailer Waitrose is also backing the campaign, following a recently reported surge in alternative beer sales.

In September, the hops will be harvested and used to create a ‘wet hop’ harvest beer at the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich.

For a full list of locations of the plants click #hopgardens


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