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At Meantime we love to experiment with ingredients to create different tastes and flavour combinations to help you find your favourite beer. Whether it’s a unique twist on an old favourite or a beer that’s never seen the inside of a glass before we’re just as comfortable putting our own take on tradition as we are breaking new ground. We believe beer should be inspired by the past, not stuck in it. It’s TIME…for beer to change.

The line up runs as follows:

Jan/Feb – Union Lager. The first beer that Meantime brewed, this is a Vienna style copper coloured lager with light malt flavours and crisp balancing bitterness.

Mar/Apr – The Black Pale. This brings together roasted malts and unusually a high hop content to create an innovative dark beer with complex liquorice, raisin, caramel and dark fruit flavours.

May/June – Californian Pale Ale. A crisp, hoppy beer with aromas and flavours of raspberry, orange and tangerine.

July/Aug – Fool’s Gold. Brewed with Citra hops, this is a refreshing summer beer with fruit notes and a gentle malt character.
Sept/Oct – Fest Bier. Long matured, unfiltered, golden and full bodied – a classic Bavarian-style beer

Nov/Dec – Spiced Porter. This has the warmth of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger perfectly complementing the rich, dark malt flavours of the Porter

For the full taste notes click Meantime Limited Edition’s 2014


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