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Our commitment to creating great beer has seen us make the largest investment in craft brewing in London since 1930.

Because great beer deserves a great home, we’ve built a state-of-the-art brewery in Greenwich. Our facilities are dedicated to giving our beer the time it needs to come into its own, however long that may be. It usually takes around six weeks for a batch of Meantime beer to reach its best, but it’s an art not a science. We leave it to our master brewers to judge the exact point of perfection.

Long before we built the brewery, when Meantime was just a seed of an idea, we knew we wanted not only to make great beer, but to share our passion and knowledge with the people who drink it. That’s why we’ve opened our brewery to the public. Come and be a part of the Meantime story by taking a brewery tour, or just popping in for a quick look.



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