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This dessert from William Drabble of The Great British Chefs is an absolute treat for any beer lover. Meantime’s perfectly balanced raspberry wheat beer is used in every element in this dish, providing a summery combination of lightly tangy bitterness with a fruity kick. The beer jelly adds an extra element of surprise, containing a nice fizzy kick. Make sure the beer for pouring at the end is ice cold for a beautifully fresh finish.


Raspberry beer syrup
660ml Meantime raspberry wheat beer
390g sugar
235g glucose

Sorbet base
660ml Meantime Raspberry Wheat Beer
200g raspberries, crushed

Jelly base
330ml Meantime Raspberry Wheat Beer
4 gelatine leaves, soaked Marinated raspberries
480g raspberries

To serve
Mint leaves, for garnish
4 dashes of Meantime Raspberry Wheat Beer


1. Begin by making the raspberry wheat beer syrup, which is used for the sorbet, jelly and to marinate the raspberries. In a saucepan, add the Meantime raspberry wheat beer, sugar and glucose and bring to the boil, then remove from the heat and set aside to cool. Make sure that the sugar is fully dissolved

2. To make the sorbet, measure out 660ml of the Meantime raspberry beer syrup and pour into a large bowl, add the Meantime raspberry wheat beer and crushed raspberries and mix together

3. Add this to an ice cream maker to churn, then keep in the freezer until ready to serve
4. Add 70ml of the raspberry beer syrup to a pan and set aside for making the jelly. Use the remaining syrup to marinate the raspberries for a couple of hours

5. Gently heat the reserved 70ml of syrup and add the soaked gelatine leaves. Stir to dissolve then bring off the heat

6. Mix in the Meantime raspberry wheat beer and pour into a bowl set over ice. Cool the liquid down as quickly as possible, so the gas bubbles can set in the jelly. The jelly must be eaten within a few hours of making to keep the fizz

7. To serve, place the marinated raspberries in the base of a bowl with a drizzle of the syrup. Top with some jelly and a quenelle of sorbet. Garnish with fresh mint and when at the table, pour some ice cold Meantime raspberry wheat beer over the sorbet to finish.



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