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‘In the Meantime’ Sessions

Summer is finally beginning to show its face, so we’re putting on a series of outdoor music gigs for you… where else but on the roof of our #BeerBox, right in the shadows of The O2 and North Greenwich station. All the ‘In The Meantime’ Sessions will take place before the main events next door, where the stage is slightly bigger, hence the name… (like what we did there ?). Although we know you probably gathered as much !

In partnership with OnBlackheath and John Lewis, we’re bringing you six whole nights of beery bliss and some of London’s best up and coming music for free.

It all started last year when we worked with the team as official beer for the first (and massively successful) OnBlackheath Festival, which is just a stone’s throw from our brewery here in Greenwich. This year we’re going bigger and better, sponsoring and curating a stage at the festival to be called The Meantime Sessions Stage.

Hollie Cooke
But September feels like ages away and we’re an impatient lot, so we put our heads together with the OnBlackheath crew and agreed we should throw a few shindigs in the run up… cue the ‘In The Meantime’ sessions on the Beer Box. There’ll be a headline and a support act made up of some of the UK’s up and coming local artists who will perform at each show, plus our resident DJ LuLu Le Vay manning the decks.

Chainska Brassika

The BeerBox will be serving pints of Brewery Fresh Lager, Peninsula Pale Ale and our other tasty brews. Because we’re a friendly lot, the gigs themselves are free ! And from the moment our resident DJ Lulu Le Vay starts spinning the decks, the first 50 people to buy a pint will get a limited edition t-shirt.

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