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Father’s Day 2015

To celebrate all you beer-drinking Dad’s out there, we’ve created a beer in your honour. introducing our Barrel-Aged IPA, aged in whisky barrels from the St George’s Distillery in Norfolk, England. This perfectly balanced, smooth yet complex beer is available in 750ml cork and wired bottles and is a perfect present this Father’s Day.

To make the day extra special this year, we are offering two special tours on Sunday 21st June; priced at £27.50 per person, these two hour tours are packed full of beer, banter and brewing know-how and include a tasting plus a bottle of our Barrel Aged IPA, for each person.

The Tasting Rooms will be open as usual throughout the day serving a range of hearty and beer-infused dishes including steak, Wheat beer braised BBQ pulled pork in a brioche bun and a burger, served with all the trimmings.

Here’s to raising a glass (or bottle) to your old man.
The special Father’s Day tours will run at 12noon and 3pm. There is a maximum of 32 people per tour. Two other tours will run, at 1.30pm and 4.30pm, at a price of £20 per person. These will not include a bottle of the Barrel Aged IPA

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