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Taste of London 2015

There’s one particular event on our jam packed calendar that we enjoy doing as much for ourselves as we do for you guys. We’re looking at YOU Taste Of London. Next week Taste is back with a bang in the idyllic setting of what is arguably London’s best spot to spread a picnic blanket and gorge on food – Regent’s Park. Read on to find out more, there’s something super exciting we’re launching exclusively at Taste which you can experience if you’re lucky…

From Wednesday 17th June through to Sunday 21st June, foodies from around the globe will flock to Taste to sample (more like inhale) the best grub and beverages that the UK scene has to offer. Gourmet restaurants, Michelin starred chefs, talks, tastings and tipples will all be on offer, and frankly we can’t see why you’d want to be anywhere else.

You’ll be able to find us at two separate sites at Taste Summer this year, look out for us in the Craft Beer Tent, then pay a visit to our crew in the Half Pint which will have a selection of our draught beers pouring all week long, plus a few special edition brews to keep an eye out for.

If the offer of world class food and drinks wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, hold onto your hats ladies and gents because we’ve got something else in the bag. Imagine teletransporting yourself down to Greenwich and experiencing a fully immersive brewery tour with us, and yet being stood miles away in the middle of Regent’s Park (bear with us here)… No, we’re not magic, but we are launching a state of the art virtual reality brewery tour at Taste Of London.

You’ve seen countless video’s on the internet of people wearing space age head-sets, tripping out in digital universes and generally loving life, and now you can be ‘that guy’, or girl of course. Head over to the Half Pint, put your name down, and be prepared to have your mind blown. Top it all off with a cold pint from the truck and take a seat in the sun too perhaps? We’re sold, and we’re tipping you probably are too. See you down there.

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