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Hello everybody, how you all keeping?
Now I don’t know what’s happened to the end of our summer with all this rain, but me runner beans haven’t had to be watered with the hose for a while and I went to the shop the other day on foot and by the time I got back my newspaper was like a handful of papier-mâché.
That’s right my lovely little ‘Meansters’ I’m on about that terrific weather we’ve been having lately, and you know that I’m on tender hooks with it as I’m looking at the grand finale of our season of ding dongs, the shindig to sew this summer of fun up that I’ve had with my little firm, the crescendo that is……..On Blackheath!

So I’m there on the Sunday, and apart for one tiny bit of drizzle, that lasted about five minutes, (That’s not even enough time to get yer Kagool on and off peeps!) it was all good, now you wouldn’t have wanted to turn up in yer thong and a pair of espadrilles ! (The rain don’t bother me too much as I ain’t made of sugar, so I’m defiantly not gonna melt, I’m more like a Yeti, as I don’t feel the cold either!).

Now, I’ve asked my son, Jacob ‘The Guv’nor’ Morgan if he’d like to accompany his old man there for a wee go at joining in with what’s going down? I’m working so he knows the drill, so like a not very finely tuned machine, that to be honest, didn’t pass its MOT, but got one just because, I know some people, that know some people, that robbed some people! (As a matter of fact, I’ve actually got an iPhone 9 at the moment! Either that or my iPhone 6 is upside down!) he’s on the firm and we’re making our way to On Blackheath.

So we get there and me and me boy are all over anyone that wants to know what Meantime’s all about, and credit to Jacob, he knows more about this Meantime bit of kit than I’ve previously given him credit for! He’s interacting, talking to people, and he’s getting them right on the firm with us!

We’ve give it a couple of hours and then decided to survey the rest of the festival, “Bit of munch son?” “Why not Dad?” and he knows what he wants to go with his Yakima  that’s right, proper American BBQ, low and slow, and we’re only a stones throw from DJ BBQs gaff where there’s all sorts of Southern Smokiness going down!

Now, don’t get me wrong, me and Jacob are all about the pig, so we’re looking at the pulled pork and the ribs, then at the bottom of the chalkboard, it jumps up and clumps the pair of us around the mooey, it’s the low and slow brisket! No ifs, no buts, it’s two lots of that piled in to buns and we’re off, he’s got his Yak in one hand, his brisket roll in the other, and a face full of contentment, and of course, BBQ sauce.

We’ve had a look around, and by the main stage, like a true vision sent from Valhalla, we find one of our Half Pint trucks, if you’ve not seen these before, they’re like grown up ice cream vans that serve our beer, and it’s knocking out a drop of Amber Ale, it’s in short supply as it’s a little one off and I encourage him to give that an outing. We then proceed to move over for a quick nose at the Meantime Stage, well, boys and girls, we’ve caught the arse end of ‘The Mighty Cosmics’ a ska band from Hackney, now, do not be under any illusions, that due to his youthful, tender years of just 24, that my boy don’t know how to ‘Skank’, because he does! I then realise that we’ve had our lunch break and need to get back to the beer tanker to carry on spreading the Meantime love!

So we get ourselves into gear and come back around past the main stage to find the last ten minutes of ‘Sunny Afternoon’, a musical based on The Kinks, just as we’re about to drift by we hear a voice that’s more than familiar to the pair of us, it’s only that old Trojan Ray Davies the lead singer and lyrical mastermind from the band, Jacob goes “Dad, we’ve got to have a bit of this”, I go “My boy, you ain’t wrong, but I need them to do ‘Waterloo Sunset!” He agrees, and what happens next sends shivers down our spines…… “Dirty old river, must you keep rolling, rolling into the night….”, we’ve had it, there’s no chance of us going anywhere until this is done and dusted, then Jacob goes, “It’d be a top drawer turnout if they finish with ‘Lola’ dad” and just then, we go to move and are stopped dead in our tracks by “I met her in a pub down in old Soho, where they drink champagne and it tastes just like Cherry Cola, C,O,L,A….” We ain’t going anywhere, we push to the front, absorb this musical ambrosia, dance and sing the lyrics in tandem!

Back to the beer tanker for some more of the ‘Big Al & Little Jake Show’ for a few more hours, and when we’re done we can hear the irrepressible Mr David Rodigan, now ladies and gents, if you’re into your tunes this fella needs no introduction, and me and my boy have now linked up with many of our Meantime pals that I work with and we’re all over this vibe like a cheap suit!

Last, but by no means least, we have the pleasure of ‘The Nutty Boys’ yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about the headliners, that upbeat group of cheeky rascals that I first saw when they reformed on August 6th 1994, two days before my birthday! One Step Beyond, was one of the first singles that me and my two brothers bought in 1979, along with, Union City Blues, by Blondie, and The Tourists, I Only Want To Be With You. Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot The Police, with Walking On The Moon!

Been to see them more times than I can care to remember, but they’ve always put on a stomping good show, they finished with my personal favourite which, was an old Labi Siffre cover from 1971, this song gives me goosebumps all over whenever I hear it, that song boys and girls, I feel was a fitting end to a fantastic day, that song was ‘It Must Be Love’, nuff said yeah, big tings all into perspective, what a day!

So boys and girls, I hope I haven’t harped on to long, but what I’m trying to relay to you lot is, as you can imagine, the near ‘Out of body experience’ that I had that day with me, my boy, Meantime beer, good food and blinding tunes, what more can a man ask for? If there is something, I don’t know, or care what it may be!
Thanks for indulging me as you guys always do, we’ll speak again soon, I promise,
BIG LOVE BIG AL, oh yeah, and a big kiss from LITTLE JACOB,
Son, you made my day.xx

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