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A few Saturday’s ago, back when the heavens were still closed and it felt a bit more like summer, we hosted the Nomad Cinema here at the brewery. More than 250 of you packed picnics and spread rugs in the not-so-comfy concrete confines of our brewery yard here in Greenwich for a one-off screening of a classic, The Terminator.

As expected, Arnie delighted… plus we went through more beer on the night than we have down here in a while too, so by all accounts it was a good one. The Tasting Rooms put on some one-off nosh, the type you want to eat at the cinema – we’re talking hot dogs, Fish ‘n Chips and lasagne.

No film would be complete without popcorn and we had the nothing but the best – our local mates Drum and Kernel were dishing up the freshest popcorn we’d ever tasted, we’re quite keen on them moving in full time in fact. Don’t worry if you missed out this time around, we hope to host the crew from Nomad here again next summer, and we’re always open to suggestions for the next screening!

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