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Rhythm n’ Brews

There are many great things about America’s deep South. We’ve combined our favourites, all from right here on London soil, to create a pretty winning trifecta of succulent ribs, live blues and, needless to say, our own quality brews. Happening at the Tasting Rooms at the brewery every first and third Thursda of the month with free entry, we have Rhythm ‘n’ Brews…

Our resident music maestro, Tom Jaworski, (https://www.facebook.com/tomjaworskimusic) and his house band are joined in the next few weeks by:

21st January – James Deane and 11.57 http://www.11-57.co.uk/home/4576881083

4th February – Mike Ross http://www.mikerossmusic.co.uk

18th February – Danny Toeman https://dannytoeman.bandcamp.com

Served alongside these bluesy tunes will be a basket of juicy, sticky ribs and a pint (we’d recommend pairing these ribs with a Yakima Red) – all for £14 per person.

So banish those mid-week blues and come join us for your fortnightly Thursday dose of quality live music, everyone’s favourite messy food and quality craft beer, all in the heart of our working brewery.

See y’all there…


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