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Meantime recently celebrated its 2,000 draught listing in the UK with the launch of its IPA 2000 and we have now smashed our previous record sales week by over 20%, selling over 3% of our annual volume in just one week. Sales of Meantime’s craft beer have continued to outperform the UK beer industry throughout 2015, with sales up over 40% versus 2014.

Meantime’s strategy in 2016 is to further grow the business with the continued expansion of its distribution outside of London with the recruitment of an additional 10 sales positions in key cities across the UK.

Nick Miller, Chief Executive of Meantime Brewing Company said:

”2015 has been another successful year for Meantime Brewing Company, the team continues to change the way people think about beer. We have hit record sales and continued to break boundaries in all areas of our business. We have developed over 30 different styles and genres of beer in 2015, expanded our distribution outside London, grown our rate of sale per tap and continued to recruit as part of our expansion plans. This is all despite the change of shareholder base, and the inevitable distraction and speculation that this can cause.

I read with interest today the news of the change of ownership of one of our fellow craft breweries in London. We wouldn’t want to speculate on why they would need to sell their business after their recent crowd funding campaign, nor what the change of ownership will mean for their business. We wish them all the best for 2016.

In the meantime (excuse the pun) we will continue to focus on brewing, packaging, marketing and selling great Craft beers in 2016. I am particularly looking forward to trying the new beers we will be creating on our new Innovation Brewery.”


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