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Brewer x Interior Designer. The wallpaper is printed. Maison Hop is brewed.

In the six weeks it’s taken us to brew this beer, expert surface designers Bespoke Atelier have created Meantime-inspired wallpaper for our pop-up Make Time For It bar. We have aged a Black Ale in barrels previously containing Whisky and Cognac to reflect Bespoke Atelier’s French and Scottish roots. This rich, smooth and smoky ale perfectly complements the elegance of Bespoke Atelier’s creation. #MTFIGlasgow

Bespoke Atelier is a surface design studio expert in creating innovative patterns, forms and graphics in specialised materials. Their designs make an impact, but equally complement and enhance the surfaces on which they appear. They work closely with the client, local community and historical context, enjoying the challenge of this process, the creativity and the unexpected outcomes that it brings.

Make Time For It

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