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Brewer x Tailor. The waistcoat is cut and sewn. Blake's beer is brewed.

In the six weeks it’s taken us to brew this beer, iconic tailor Gresham Blake has created bespoke waistcoats for staff to wear at our pop-up Make Time For It bar. To reflect Gresham’s colourful, quirky character and creations, we have brewed a lively, vibrant Passionfruit Wheat Beer packed full of exciting and tropical flavours and aromas. #MTFIBrighton

Gresham and his wife, Fal, launched the Gresham Blake brand in Brighton at the height of ‘Cool Britannia’ in 2000. Since then, Gresham’s eye-catching creations for high-profile clients including Ray Winstone, Steve Coogan, Jimmy Page, Plan B and Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) have brought him fashion industry recognition and an ever-growing army of customers attracted by his signature combination of quality garments with a quirky twist.

Make Time For It

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