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Make Time For It – The Reveal

We’ve come to the end of an epic tour around the UK which has seen us work with six craftsmen in six different cities as part of our Make Time For It journey.

But, like all great things it had to come to an end eventually, and here ‘The End’ of anything usually translates to ‘party’. Given that Make Time For It is all about time, we threw ‘said party’ in the appropriately themed St Pancras Clock Tower last Thursday to celebrate. Yep, IN the actual clock tower.


All six craftsmen came along to showcase each of their beautifully crafted pieces, and the six beers were pouring non-stop at the bar. If you’re not following so far, here’s a little recap of what went down this year for Make Time For It…

We’ve been banging on about it for a while now so you might already have guessed that time is pretty important to us down here. Not only do we brew in Greenwich, the home of time, we also make sure nothing is rushed. Our beers have all the time they need to mature – usually around 6 weeks – so by the time they reach your hand they’re full of flavour.


We challenged six of the most talented craftsmen from Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Brighton and our home turf London to each create one element of a pop up bar. They had six weeks to make something special and at the same time we had six weeks to brew them a beer, inspired by their personality, city and craft. All of us were inspired by our shared values of tradition, technology and time.


Craftsman: Liam Hopkins, Lazerian
Crafted piece: A bar stool made from recycled brewing waste to seat two people at a time
Beer: Hop Back, a 4.5% hoppy Modern Mild. We used hops with a spiced berry aroma to give this Mild beer a modern, vibrant twist that perfectly reflects Lazerian’s fresh and contemporary style.
See the Hop Back film


Craftswomen: Marion and Yvonne, Bespoke Atelier.
Crafted piece: Wallpaper inspired by Meantime, our brewery and ingredients we use
Beer: Maison Hop, a 5.9% Black Ale we aged in barrels previously containing Whisky and Cognac to reflect Bespoke Atelier’s French and Scottish roots. This rich, smooth and smoky ale perfectly complements the elegance of Bespoke Atelier’s creation.
See the Maison Hop film


Craftswoman: Julia Bickerstaff
Crafted piece: A neon installation which uses our 330ml champagne bottles
Beer: Time To Time, a 4% Saison De Nuit which is our modern take on a classic northern French style of beer, Saison de Nuit. Our version of this traditional beer has the classic fruit aromas you’d expect from a Saison de Nuit, with a rich malty backbone and slightly hoppy aroma.
See the Time To Time film


Craftsman: James Adlington, Bristol Blue Glass
Crafted piece: 12 hand blown beer glasses
Beer: Hourglass, 5.0% Pilsner/pressed apple cross to reflect their West Country background. We experimented with new brewing techniques to create a Pilsner using freshly pressed apples, and it was bloody tasty. Raise a glass to the best of both!
See the Hour Glass film


Craftsman: Gresham Blake
Crafted piece: Four bespoke waistcoats for our staff to wear at our pop-up Make Time For It bar
Beer: The Tweedster 4.5% Passionfruit Wheat Beer to reflect Gresham’s colourful, quirky character and creations, packed full of exciting and tropical flavours and aromas
See The Tweedster film


Craftsman: Ged Palmer
Crafted piece: Gilded mirror gold-leaf Make Time For It bar sign
Beer: Luminor, 4.5% Pale Ale brewed with a new British Sussex wild hop variety. This unique hop was crowned 2015 champion Hop of the UK so is the perfect way to finish our series of six Make Time For It beers. We also used the finest malts to create a malty backbone which is perfectly balanced by the tropical fruity hop aromas and flavours from the hero hop
See the Luminor film


All of these brilliant pieces are now a part of our Make Time For It pop up bar which is currently open until October 31st. Find out more and visit the bar.


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