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We like to say that ‘our house is your house’ and we’re good to our word, the door is always open to drop in. This festive period, in addition to the regular tours or just a relaxed beer and some food, we’ve also got some additional good cheer.


Tired of the same Office Party in that boring boozer with stale sausage rolls ? Then convince the Office Manger to book a brewery tour and Christmas platter in the Tasting Rooms. For just £35pp we can guarantee top quality beer, some decent grub and great laughs to boot. We can’t guarantee that Finance and HR will loosen their ties, but let’s give it a go. Drop us a mail to brewerytours@meantimebrewing.com or call us on 0203 384 0582 to find out more.

In keeping with all things Christmassy, we’ve also lined up a Christmas Special for our popular ‘Knowledge‘ series. Think about being on a stellar TV show; imagine the glitz, glamour and the gifts and you’re about there for this cracking night on December 20th. There’ll be some extremely limited edition beers on offer and seasonal fare from Greenwich faves Drings the butcher and Paul Rhodes bakery. We’ll have a full beer and food matching experience followed by a beery Christmas quiz with plenty of beer and stash up for grabs. We’ll be kicking off at 6.30pm, you can book your tickets for £30 at The Knowledge Christmas Special and click on Evening Masterclass/Dec 20th.


If you’re looking for the ultimate Advent Calendar then look no further….24 Meantime beers in one brewtastic box. We’ve got some of our core beer range and some of the super limited edition Pilot Series all ready for you to take away and enjoy for the bargain price of £45. Drop in and take one away but be warned, not surprisingly they are flying out the door right now.

Have a beery good Christmas people !


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