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Brewery Fresh Pale Ale has landed

We were the first to bring you Brewery Fresh Lager, now we’re chuffed to be the first to bring you Brewery Fresh Pale Ale. You thirsty lot have been going wild for our unpasteurised, unfiltered Brewery Fresh London Lager that pours straight from our tank to your glass since we launched it three years ago – and we don’t blame you… Our special brewery fresh dispense process means the beer is delivered by our own tankers direct from our brewery’s maturation tanks into the specially designed tanks in your favourite pub, before it pours straight into your glass, tasting as fresh as the day it was made.

We’re now using the exact same process to bring you Brewery Fresh Pale Ale – a mouth-wateringly crisp, packed-full-of-flavour pint of top tipple London Pale Ale. Our tanks mean that the beer continues to mature even when it’s in the pub, so a pint of Brewery Fresh Pale Ale will be even more jampacked with its fruity, hoppy aromas and flavours than ever before.


We’ve had a lot of fun launching Brewery Fresh Pale Ale over the past couple of weeks – we kicked things off at The Bull in Streatham on 17th November before filling the tanks at The Beer Box on 24th November and last but definitely not least, the beer hit the taps in our very own brewery tap, The Tasting Rooms, on 25th November. To celebrate our new favourite brew, the first 100 pints were on us each night, and everyone in the pub got their own personalised bottle of London Pale Ale. Because why not!


If you missed out on any of these launches – FEAR NOT – we’ve got another one up our sleeve… We’re going to start 2017 as we mean to carry on, and that means with lots of Brewery Fresh Pale Ale at The Wheatsheaf, right in the heart of Borough Market. Stay tuned to find out launch party details…

In the meantime – get down to The Bull, The Beer Box and The Tasting Rooms and enjoy a pint of Brewery Fresh Pale Ale that’s as fresh as the day it was made!


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