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The world’s most personalised beer, based on your DNA taste profile.

Welcome to Meantime Bespoke, a one-of-a-kind service we’re making available to the most passionate beer fans amongst you. Our Brewmaster Ciaran Giblin tested the theory on himself recently, and has become the first brewer in history to brew a beer dictated by his own DNA, using cutting edge genetic profiling to map his personal preference of specific flavour profiles. Ciaran has since created a hoppy Double IPA, to match his preference of bitter flavours.


We’re now giving YOU the chance to brew your own ultimate personalised beer using the same genetic profiling to individually tailor it to your palate. With the opportunity to customise all elements of your beer from start to finish, and work alongside our world-class brewing team to bring your beer to life, Meantime Bespoke is one of the most unique and exclusive beer experience available anywhere in the world.


Pioneering personal genetics company 23andMe will assess hereditary variations in your oral taste receptors (the TAS2R38 gene) to reveal the genetic variants that could explain personal preferences towards specific flavour profiles within beer such as sweetness and bitterness. Hereditary variations in a person’s oral taste receptors (the TAS2R38 gene) will be used to help determine their perception and proclivity to sweet and bitter profiles, primarily based on the ability to detect propylthiouracil – a chemical similar to the bitter compounds found in cabbage, raw broccoli, coffee tonic water and certain dark beers.


Following analysis of your genetic make-up via a saliva sample, our team of brewers will use your individual genetic insights to map the flavour profile of the personalised brew. You will then have a one-to-one consultation with our Brewmaster Ciaran allowing you to input on the creative process and ensure you’re happy with the proposed style of beer. With exclusive access to our state-of-the-art Pilot Brewery and onsite Meantime laboratory, Meantime Bespoke clients will also have the opportunity to get hands-on with the physical brewing process by adding hops, grain and testing the mix.


Receiving a minimum of 12 hectolitres of your unique brew – equivalent to over 2,000 pints – plenty to keep you and your pals going for some time. You can also name it, and for an additional cost work alongside our creative team to put individual touches to the packaging design too.

What’s more, the package includes a study course, ‘The Knowledge’, to allow Meantime Bespoke clients to gain a deeper understanding of the brewing process. Some of the modules include: key ingredients of beer, evaluation of and faults in beer, how to taste beer and a session on world beer styles.
Once bottled, the brew will be hand-delivered to you to drink as you wish. As the ultimate experience for beer lovers, the Meantime Bespoke package can be further enhanced with a range of other exclusive features (for an additional cost) including:
• The custom beer poured in the Meantime Tasting Rooms, credited to the client and kegs being made available in clients’ local pub.
• A set of personalised laser-etched pint glasses, with further options to have a glass moulded to fit your hand.
• Consultancy time with a creative agency and illustrator to design and produce a label for the new brew.


The base exclusive service which includes everything except the above three optional extras costs £25,000 plus unprecedented bragging rights with your mates.

For enquiries, please get in touch with us at Bespoke@Meantimebrewing.com



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