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For the virtuous few of you who are either giving #Veganuary a go this month or simply live by the veggie bible, we thought we’d let you know that ALL the tasty beers in our range are vegan friendly.

We also know the best way to enjoy a beer can be with food, and that beer and food matching often overlooks those who’d prefer not to chow down on a chow mein or a stack of juicy ribs. We’ve listed some tasty vegan meals below to pair with our London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red. You can grab the recipes from Veganuary.com

If you give any a try, we’d love to hear how it went for you. Give us a shout @meantimebrewing on Twitter or head to Facebook.


Vegetable ‘Butter’ Masala
Nutty Mushroom and Coriander Pilaf
Smokey Veggie Wellington
Gluten Free Pizza with Springtime Veg

Risotto Primavera
Shepherd’s Pie
‘Chicken’ and Leek Pie
Mushroom Pilaf

A Delicious Deconstruction Burger
Mexican Bean Lasagne
Vegan Cauliflower Cheese
Roasted Aubergine Lasagne

Happy munching!



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