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Best of British with Nicholson’s

20th March – 30th April.

There’s quite a few things us Brits are famous for – our love of talking about the weather, our compulsion to apologise for somebody else bumping into us, David Beckham, but the best of all? Our proper pubs, serving proper beer and food for centuries. So you’ll be happy to hear that our pals over at Nicholson’s have decided to celebrate our nation’s love for a proper British pub… Welcome to the ‘Best of British’.


William Nicholson opened his first establishment back in 1873 and his pubs have been widely loved for their timeless atmosphere ever since. We’ve teamed up with twelve Nicholson’s pubs in London to celebrate the ‘Best of British’ for six glorious beer-and-food-filled weeks, from 20th March-30th April. We’ll be hosting one-off events at each of these pubs over the next six weeks, treating you to an evening of proper beer to go with your proper food. Come along and meet our beer experts, who’ll not only be sampling our beers but will also talk you through beer and food pairings – did you know why London Pale Ale goes particularly well with a Barnsley Lamb Chop ? (Insider info: the citrus hop flavours cut through the chargrilled juicy meat an absolute treat).


We’ve been brewing proper beer in London since 1999, using the best locally-grown British malt and hops to create our London Lager and London Pale Ale. Around the time William Nicholson opened up his first pub, London brewers were having to import American hops to keep up with demand for this crazily popular new beer style called ‘pale ale’. 150 years later, we still travel over to America’s West Coast every year to hand-select the best hops to go into our London Pale Ale. Some things never change.


Traditionally, pubs were the place to go for a hearty, proper plate of grub, whether that was a pie swimming in gravy, fried fish, or a huge juicy grilled meat chop. The Nicholson’s pubs we’ve teamed up with have got you covered; some are specialist pie masters, others are fish connoisseurs and then there are the sausage and chop houses. Food lovers will be delighted to hear that the Best of British celebration will offer a huge array of proper pub grub with a refined twist – from smoked salmon fishcakes to wild boar and apple sausages, and of course that eternal British favourite, beef and ale pie. The cherry on top? Our beer experts can talk you through pairing these delicious dishes with our London Lager and London Pale Ale, so your taste buds are in for a real treat.
So if you’re a fan of proper beer and proper food served in a proper pub (if you’re not, you may want to do something about that…) what are you waiting for? Come and help us celebrate the Best of British at your local Nicholson’s pub.*
*All events will run 5.30-7.30pm and will include beer sampling with expert advice on food and beer pairing.


The Princess of Wales 22nd March (Sausage and Chop House) 
The Lord Aberconway 23rd March (Sausage and Chop House)
The Wellington 29th March (Pie House) 
The Falcon 30th March (Pie House)
Sir Christopher Hatton 5th April (Sausage and Chop House)
The Clachan 6th April (Pie House)
The Coal Hole 12th April (Pie House)
The Magpie 13th April (Pie House)
The Argyll Arms 19th April (Fish House)
Doggetts Coat & Badge 20th April (Fish House)
The Horniman at Hays 26th April (Fish House)
The Henry Addington 27th April (Sausage and Chop House) 


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