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Goat Race 2017

Centuries of rivalry, years of training, two goats, one glorious race. No we’re not kidding, it is time for another Goat Race. Join us from 12pm this Sunday 2nd April at Spitalfields City Farm, London E1 to enjoy the race that stops a nation, and a beer or two whilst you’re at it.

Nine years in the making, The Oxford & Cambridge Goat Race is again set to take place on exactly the same date, at exactly the same time, as what some people have already named ‘The other race’ – the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race. All proceeds from the day go to the non-for-profit farm to help feed and care for the animals. Around 1200 goat racing loving larrikins will line the track to cheer on Hamish and Hazel, two of the most celebrated competitors on the circuit.

Race day at the city farm is now established as the UK’s and possibly the world’s favourite goat-related-nonsense mini-festival. You can also take a punt whilst you’re there, enjoy live music, test your vocals in the totally bonkers Goateoke competition or your moves in the He’s The Goatest Dancer contest, plus loads more to keep you entertained. No farmyard fest would be complete without some proper beer, so we’ll be there pouring pints of London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red.


Some 100% true Goat Race facts:

• Goats are the fastest animals on earth whose name rhymes with boat
• £10k is raised each year for the farm
• Course record is 56 seconds (give or take)
• Rules state that it is the goat whose horns cross the line first wins, not the goat whose beard crosses first
• In the event of a dead heat, the title will be decided by which goat can eat a carrot quickest
• Goats discovered coffee
• The Goat Race is proud to be an almost independent event, but would gladly sell out for a large amount of money
• Goaterade is delicious
• Pygmy goats can jump much higher than other goats, so be careful not to leave any fruit or veg lying about on top of your head
• The UK Border Association is inundated with cases of goats attempting to cross into the UK due to this being a relatively safe haven for them. Outside of Europe, goat meat is the most eaten meat in the world
• Goats have rectangular pupils, a trait common only to them and octopuses
• Retired race winner Barney sends his love from Mudchute farm, where he spends his time bleating about his glory days


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