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London Helles is Back and Better Than Ever

We’ve got some breaking news for you beer lovers… After a six-year hiatus, we are bringing back London Helles lager to carefully hand-selected outlets throughout the UK. We’ve given our traditionally brewed Bavarian-style lightly golden lager a slight twist with new juicy German hops this time around and it’s not long until you can get your hands on a pint! London Helles will hit taps around the country from 6th April, and we’ll be celebrating its rebirth with sampling events in each of the chosen pubs nationwide.

As you may know, we’re pretty die-hard fans of a proper German beer and take inspiration from the brewing methods and beer styles developed by our German friends. As you may not know, though, our founder Alastair Hook actually taught himself German so that he could read the traditional beer recipes – came in pretty handy really, because it gave us our original Meantime Helles back in 2004.

We can’t promise we’ll teach you all the German you need to know to decipher these original recipes for yourself, but we’ll give you this for free – did you know ‘Helles’ means ‘light’ in German? Back in 19th Century southern Germany, Bavarian lagers were traditionally dark, so lightly golden Helles lagers were developed in Munich as a response to the ever-increasing popularity of pale Pilsner-style beers. History really does repeat itself; we’re reviving this old favourite due to high demand for the beer style among you modern beer fans out there.
We’ve used German Hallertau Blanc hops alongside Spalt Select hops, which combine to give our new take on this brew its traditionally crisp slightly bitter finish and refreshing, piney, citrus hop aroma.


Now if you’re feeling a bit peckish when you’re enjoying your pint of London Helles, we’d recommend pairing it with any dish that has a slightly sweet edge, because the German hops we’ve used have a well-balanced bitterness that’ll cut through the sweetness like a charm. You could go with a traditional southern German dish of roast pork, a juicy Italian seafood pasta dish or even that old British favourite, an apple crumble.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the list of pubs we’ll be hitting up below, grab your mates, and come along for an evening enjoying a proper London Helles… on us.

The Sir John Balcombe , London NW1- Tuesday 18th April
St.James of Bermondsey, London SE16 – Tuesday 18th April
The Marquis of Wellington, London SE1 – Tuesday 18th April
The Dog & Truck, London E1 – Wednesday 19th April
The Three Tuns, London EC3 – Wednesday 19th April
The Wellington Arms, Bristol – Thursday 20th April
The Pack Horse, Leeds – Thursday 20th April
The Black Hat, Ilkley – Thursday 20th April
Baht’ap, Leeds – Thursday 20th April
The Royal George, Bristol – Thursday 27th April
The Waiting Room, Newcastle – Thursday 27th April
The Hope, Smithfield – Tuesday 2nd May
The Oxnoble, Manchester – Tuesday 9th May
The Blind Pig, Manchester – Tuesday 9th May
Townhall Tavern, Manchester – Tuesday 9th May
The Uxbridge Arms, London W8 – Wednesday 10th May
The Crown, Caversham – Friday 19th May
The Fox, Twickenham – Thursday 25th May
The Wellington Arms, Marlborough – Thursday July 6th


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