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We now CAN

We’re introducing a brand-new range of 330ml cans to our flagship beers.

Following demand from both drinkers and stockists, three of our flagship beers – London Lager (4.5% ABV), London Pale Ale (4.3% ABV) and Yakima Red (4.1% ABV) – will be available in can from 6 April.


Our Brewmaster Ciaran says “There are loads of reasons why the time is right for us to launch our three best-selling beers – London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red – in can; canning technology has come a long way, so we know the quality of the beer will be second to none and taste as fresh in can as it would straight from the tap. We’ve seen cans grow rapidly in popularity over the past few years and our drinkers and customers have been patiently waiting for us to launch our range in can too. We’ve always been passionate about making proper beer the go-to choice for British drinkers, and we’re excited to say they’re now able to get their hands on it in can!”


The new canned range is available to buy online at www.meantimebrewing.com/shop/beer and in pubs and supermarkets across the country.


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