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So, Ladies and Gents, it looks like Summer has well and truly landed. And with it comes that Great British Problem of dodging shadows and chasing rays in your favourite beer garden, trying to find a sunny spot to enjoy that nice cold pint. Well not any more… We’ve teamed up with iconic artist and inventor Andrew Shoben to create a world-first invention to solve this problem. The ‘Smart Mirror’ uses GPS tracking to follow the sun and reflect its rays around the beer garden throughout the day, making sure beer-loving sun-seekers like you can bask in the sunshine all day long.


When we first dreamed up the idea, everyone thought we were a bit mad. But the ‘Smart Mirror’ is pretty damn clever, even if we do say so ourselves. Mounted onto a motorised bracket that can rotate 270°, the mirror tracks and reflects the sun through its full arc. The mirror’s movement is controlled by a specially written computer programme that uses complex algorithms based on time, date, latitude and longitude to follow the sun to the exact degree as it crosses the sky. The programme can be altered to any location in the world simply by adding in new coordinates. So if all goes well, you might be lucky enough to check out the ‘Smart Mirror’ at your local beer garden in the future…


When it came to choosing the lucky pub in which to launch our ‘Smart Mirror’ prototype, where else could we choose but the aptly named The Sun in Clapham Old Town, which just so happens to be one of our favourite outdoor drinking spots in London. Launching at The Sun to coincide with Summer Solstice on Wednesday 21st June, the longest day of the year, our ‘Smart Mirror’ is set to provide this much-loved beer garden with sunshine all day long. To celebrate the installation, The Sun will be pouring our Sunshine State, a fruity Californian-style pale ale, packed full of West Coast American hops.

So if you fancy lapping up the sun with a pint of crisp, tasty beer, there’s really only one place to be this week. We’ll see you for a pint in the sun at The Sun, folks!


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