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Benson’s Pilsner

You may remember our brewer, beer-and-brewery-tour-loving Dan Benson from his previous blog posts (if you haven’t read them yet, click here and here) and now the man has only gone and brewed us a brand new beer which we’re so proud of we’ve put his name on it.

Benson’s Pilsner is a pale lager that’s been dry hopped with three juicy hops from Washington State on our favourite stretch of America’s coastline – the Pacific Northwest. Dan packed Summit, Simcoe and Citra hops into his brew to give it fresh citrus and tropical fruit aromas: think passion fruit, tangerine and melon. Dan’s plan when creating his brew was to give it the big hop aroma of punchy American Pale Ales without making steam come out of your ears – and he’s succeeded. Coming in at 4.4%, Benson’s Pilsner is a drinkable pint that’s packed full of flavour and aroma and will keep you coming back for more. Dan decided not to filter his brew so expect a bit of natural haze; by leaving the beer unfiltered he’s ensured that you get the full character of the hops and malt used.


With its tropical and citrus fruit aromas and natural light haze, Benson’s Pilsner is the perfect beer to enjoy in the summer sunshine. If you’re feeling really optimistic and dusting off the BBQ, chuck some lovely fresh seafood on the coals and enjoy with a pint of this brand new beer – the hops in it will complement the fish and make your taste buds happy as Larry. Or Dan.

Benson’s Pilsner is pouring in the Tasting Rooms, The Beer Box and the Greenwich Union.


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