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Selfridges this Christmas

When the phone rang and Selfridges wanted to talk beer, we were on the 188 down Oxford Street in the flick of a mash tun. This year’s Christmas shindig is themed around the great city of London and as part of the shennanigans the ‘Queens Head’ pub will be popping up in the lower ground floor allowing ‘Sink the Pink’ to host an immersive event across six weeks from 15th November – 23rd December, Wednesday- Friday evenings and a Saturday (matinee) with capacity of 100 people per show and lasting for an hour and a half.
Sink the Pink are east London’s renowned party starters and they will be bringing to life your favourite East End pub in classic panto style. Think pints, pianos, romance and a right royal knees-up as you enjoy your favourite Meantime tipples and become immersed in the soap-opera-style theatrics.
For tickets visit Sink the Pink.



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