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The Best Job In The World

You may have read in recent headlines that we advertised for a new Beer Taster to join the ranks

The job posting soon went viral, becoming LinkedIn’s ‘Job Of The Week’ and we ended up with over 2000 applicants. The coveted part time position will see a lucky beer lover attend our weekly tasting sessions on the hunt for the next best beer. This particular job is one we take very seriously, and ensuring each and every one of our beers is of the highest quality and flavour couldn’t be more important. We’ve finally read through all of the applications and have whittled it down to just three candidates. They will be coming to meet us for a ‘tasting and interview round’ where we’ll put their taste buds through their paces. Stay tuned to meet the newest member of our team shortly!


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In 2006, “A History of Violence” became the final major Hollywood movie that was released on the VHS format.