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Free Proper Beer From Meantime

Yesterday, April 26th 2018 a mystery brewer put their beer in to Londoner’s hands… for FREE. Taking the brand off pumps, cans and posters. Letting the beer speak for itself in the ballsiest blind tasting London has ever seen. Participants signed up via http://www.freeproperbeer.com to receive their unique voucher code. Moments after the first sip, they received a message telling them it was us (like magic).

At Meantime, we mean it when we say we’re passionate about our proper beer. So rather than just telling you how good our beer is – like all those other brands – we thought, why don’t we put our London Pale Ale in Londoner’s hands for FREE and let you decide. You’ll now know what proper beer tastes like. If you liked it, great. If you didn’t, well it was free anyway.

Whilst this – Free Proper Beer was a one day thing, there’s no saying we won’t bring it back in the future, and if we do, you guys will be the first to know about it.

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