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London Marathon 2018

Marathon Day, a fixture in the London calendar and always supported and celebrated in Greenwich. This year at The Tasting Rooms we’ll be open from midday to provide beers to those cheering on the many, it’s a hard job right ?

And then, for those that have made it through the pain barrier and back again, we’re offering a Tasting Room Burger (beef/chicken/vegetarian) and a pint of Meantime beer ON THE HOUSE for those runners producing a 2018 finishers medal. You deserve it !

So get back to The Tasting Rooms post race and claim yours. With an offer like this we’re expecting to be quite busy so booking in advance is advisable. Give us the name of the runner(s) in advance and we’ll even get them their own personalised London Pale Ale can to celebrate.

Call us on 0203 384 0582


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