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Beery Brunch

Here’s something to wet the old whistle, and set you up for the day. Beery. Brunch. Sunday.

We’re now offering up a brunch menu, throw a tutored tasting session into the mix, and that’s Sunday sorted. You’ll have a choice of: Avo Toast, Pigs-In-Beer, a Brunch Burger and last but not yeast the classic BLT. Alongside brunch, one of our ambassadors will take you through our core range beers, with plenty of facts and stories thrown in for good measure. Round up the crew and book a table, it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy a Sunday beer or two.


Beery Brunch. 

A brunch item + 2 hash browns & a tutored tasting session of 4 beers.


Avo Toast. (V)

2 slices of toasted wholemeal bloomer, topped with smashed avocado & a fried egg.

Brunch Burger.

Aberdeen Angus beef burger with smoked bacon & a fried egg in a toasted brioche bun.

Classic BLT.

Smoked bacon, lettuce & tomato, in a toasted & buttered white bloomer.


Pigs-in-blankets with Yakima Red BBQ sauce in a toasted brioche bun.



Sunday: 11am, 12.30pm, 2pm.

Launches Sunday 10th June.


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