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Meantime & Wagamama – Natsu

You may remember that time we joined forces with the mighty Wagamama to deliver two new bespoke beers: Meantime And Wagamama Get Together

Well, the reception has been so good, and so many of you enjoyed the brews, that we decided it was time to have another go and create something new again.

Introducing Natsu. Meaning ‘summer’ in Japanese, Natsu is a fruity and refreshing pale ale, infused with fresh passion fruit, and it’s only 4.3% ABV. Try pairing it with Pad Thai Salad, Pink Guava Sorbet or the newly released Tama Squid.

As always, these bad boys are only available exclusively in Wagamama restaurants across the UK. To find out more about the beers and other food pairings, including an interview with Ciaran on the collab, head over here www.wagamama.com/craft-beers


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