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Secret Santa Hopline

Avoid resorting to shoddy socks or muggy mugs and give your office Secret Santa something they really want this year.

Picture this… tomorrow is the day of your office secret Santa – you’re landed with Bob from Finance who you’ve never met, and you’re completely stumped on what to get him. Turns out you’re not alone!

We recently did some research and found that 30% of people feel major pressure to buy a good present for a colleague when Secret Santa rolls around. We also know people would probably rather just receive a beer and given we’re in the business, seems like a no brainer for us to help out.

Launched with the sole purpose of stopping Londoners from resorting to shoddy socks or muggy mugs, our Secret Santa Hopline will enable us to deliver special Christmas surprises to selected winners who work in central London. Entrants must sign up via www.meantimebrewing.com/secret-santa between 8am – 10am on Wednesday 12th or Thursday 13th December to be in with a chance of winning.

Winners will be chosen at random and those successful will be notified and their Christmas beer gift pack dropped off on the day of entry before 6pm, or between 9am-6pm the following day.

Our Secret Santa Hopline was brewed up following research that revealed millions is wasted every year on average or wasteful presents resulting in one fifth of participants wishing they didn’t have to take part at all.

The average Brit spends £7.97 and the most popular gifts were toiletry gift sets (37%), novelty mugs (32%) or something useless (19%) – point proven on that one! However, despite all the festive frivolity, fear of being judged on present buying skills is rife – and the pressure is real if you’ve got the boss.


To sign up head over to the Secret Santa Page here

To check out the T&C’s over here


Hoppy Christmas, from the Meantime brew crew.


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