Meantime is Founded by Alastair Hook & like minded friends in a small Greenwich flat.
We shortly find the brewery's perfect location; Penhall Road, Greenwich. A stone's throw away from where we were first conceived.
Providing our commitment to creating great beer, we set out to build the largest and most expensive start up brewery seen in the UK for over 80 years.
Demand for Great Beer in London is growing & the brewery is running at capacity. We need new tanks and expert brewers and we need them fast!
In April Meantime's first brew is packaged. We ask London artist Ray Richardson to name and design the label for it, he calls it Union.
Our first pub, The Greenwich Union opens it's doors. It's the only pub in London to sell no national brewers products at all.
After 20 years of lobbying by the Society of Independent Brewers, the Chancellor is finally persuaded to introduce a system of progressive beer duty for small craft brewers. Great news for us.
The Greenwich Union is shortlisted for the Time Out, Evening Standard and Class magazine Pub of the Year awards. Cheers!
Growing demand for quality crafted beers allows us to install a new state of the art bottling plant.
Meantime is the only British brewery to win medals at the World Beer Cup. We win them for our Munich Fest Beer, our Vienna style lager and our ordinal beer - Union. It's safe to say we celebrated.
We reveal India Pale Ale and London Porter in corked and wired 750ml champagne bottles. We're proud to say we're the only British brewery capable of packaging beer this way.
Wake up and smell our delicious Coffee Porter. Not only does it pick up gold at the World Beer Cup, but it's also the UK's first fair-trade beer.
Four Meantime beers now appear in the World's Top 50 as compiled by the International Beer Challenge.
We pick up five more awards in the Beers of the World Beer Awards. Yes we celebrated, again.
Meantime repeat the feat of having four beers in the IBC World Top 50.
As a consequence of striving to raise the bar of British Brewing Alastair Hook is named the 2008 Brewer of the Year by the British Guild of Beer Writers. Thank you.
Our new brewery / restaurant at the Old Royal Navel Collage is starting to take shape! We're calling it The Old Brewery, in recognition of the fact it will once again become a fully functioning brewery. Something that had continuously taken place from 1450 and 1860.
It is becoming clear that the Penhill brewery is not adequate for London's thirst for craft beer. Our search for a new home begins...
London's Mayor Boris Johnson opens The Old Brewery. Rave reviews follow; people love the combination of an on-site working brewery and food meticulously prepared by our Michelin star trained chef. Well done guys!
Team Meantime take a moment to breathe and celebrate the Brewery's 10th Anniversary with drinkers, family and friends. Thanks to everyone who came on the journey with us.
Workers begin building a state of the art brew house for the new Blackwall Lane Brewery. We test our all important first brew on 27th August.
We enter the quest for the perfect Lager with the launch of our very London Lager. Sourcing the Malt and Hops from London’s back garden.
We have the beer now its time to introduce the team to take Meantime on the next stage of the Journey.

Nick Miller joins from SAB Miller to head up the company as CEO and is quick to introduce the Management team with years of experience from some of the world’s leading breweries.
For the third time we out grow our capacity. This time we can expand our home, quadrupling the capacity of the brewery to over 100k hl!
Whilst expanding the brewery we introduce our Visitor's Centre. It smashes expectations playing host to over 10,000 tours!
The innovation continues as Meantime become the first brewery in the UK to introduce ‘Brewery Fresh’ tank beer. The ultimate in beer dispense, tank beer serves beer as fresh as it is at the Brewery.
Exciting times ahead as Meantime further embed themselves as the pioneers of the Modern Craft beer category in the UK.
The Meantime beer tank takes Brewery Fresh beer on the road, attending festivals up and down the country.
Not content with a Beer Tank, we've built a smaller version that can buzz around town and to festivals delivering London's beer.
Hops in a Box returns after its award winning performance in 2013. over 25,000 boxes are delivered across the trade with consumers engaging with the ingredients of beer.