The Knowledge

If you’ve ever wanted to delve deeper into beer then now’s your chance.

The Knowledge is a series of beer appreciation courses that allow you to immerse yourselves completely in this wonderful liquid. From Evening Workshops through to a full day Masterclass, you can choose the level of detail you want to dig into. We won’t train you to be a brewer overnight, but we'd like to say that you've taken your first step on the Trainee Brewer ladder!


Choose our Full-Day Masterclass or the Evening Masterclass

One Day Masterclass

A five hour course led by Rod Jones; brewer and Institute of Brewing and Distinlling's Beer Sommelier of the Year 2015/16. This day course includes a brewery tour and then the following modules: Ingredients of beer, Brewing process, Science behind taste, Evaluation of beer, Faults in beer, Serving temperature of beer, Beer and Food, World's greatest beer styles. Participants will be issued with printed course notes at the end of the course. Lunch and a full beer tasting included. This course occurs on the last Friday of the month and costs £90.

Date: Slots:
28 Apr 12 Book
26 May 9 Book
30 Jun 12 Book
28 Jul 12 Book
25 Aug Fully booked Book
29 Sep 12 Book
27 Oct Fully booked Book
24 Nov 12 Book

Evening Masterclass

We appreciate you can't always drag yourselves away for a full day so we take the One Day Masterclass and break it down into a Tuesday evening bite sized chunk focussing on how beer is made. The course includes brewery tour and tutored tasting. Cost is £45 per evening. First Tuesday of the month on the Trainee Brewer ladder!

Date: Slots:
24 Apr Fully booked Book
20 May 24 Book
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