Recho Audio Tour of London's Brewing History

It wasn’t all that long ago that our beautiful city was the epicentre of the beer world…

Up for exploring London’s brewing history going back to the 18th century right up until present day (where there seems to be a new brewery popping up around every corner)? We’ve created an innovative tour around London of some of the most interesting and notable sites that you can enjoy, better still it’s totally free !

Watch the video about the tour.

We have partnered with brand new app ‘Recho’ and are inviting you to follow the rich history of the city’s drinking heritage via a series of hidden recordings which have been geo-tagged to significant locations from London’s brewing past. Using cutting edge location-based technology, the recordings are discoverable only in the location pertaining to the specific stop on the tour. Each of the recordings/stop on the tour are narrated by leading names in British brewing, featuring beer experts, journalists and celebrity craft beer fanatics.

You’ll be taken on a tour following the path of the Thames from central London and then out East to Greenwich. Each location further unearths the almost forgotten legacy of London brewing, painting a picture of the brewing and drinking culture in the city from way back when to today. Starting on Thrale Street near London Bridge, the spiritual home of London brewing, the tour takes in several spots around Southwark and Bermondsey before heading toward Greenwich and stopping off here at our state-of-the-art Brewery - where the UK craft beer revolution was born back in 1999.

To check out the Meantime Recho Brewing tour of London, simply download the Recho app to your phone from the app store and go to Thrale Street to begin!

Full list of locations below:

1. Thrale Street, SE1 9HW – read by Rod Jones, Beer Sommelier of the Year 2015
a. Stand on the corner of Thrale Street, Southwark Street and Maiden Lane
b. Head up Maiden Lane and follow it round to the right until you meet Park Street
c. Turn left and you will see a sign on your left

2. Park Street, SE1 – read by Sarah Kingsbury, Sub-editor at Olive Magazine
a. Head back down Park street the way you came
b. Turn right at the end, down Stoney Street
c. Turn right onto Southwark Street and The Hop Exchange is on your right

3. Southwark Street, SE1 – read by Danny Wallace, journalist and author
a. Turn around and walk down Borough High Street
b. You will see The George Inn on your left

4. The George Inn, SE1 1NH – read by Oisin Rogers, publican
a. Turn right out of The George Inn and walk up Borough High Street
b. You will reach the south end of London Bridge

5. London Bridge – read by Matt Tebbut, chef and TV presenter
a. Turn left from London Bridge down Tooley Street and past London Bridge station
b. Past Battle Bridge Lane you veer left up More London Riverside
c. Walk past City Hall and past London Bridge to Shad Thames
d. The first building you come to on Shad Thames is The Anchor Brewhouse

6. Anchor Brewhouse, SE1 2LY (Shad Thames) – read by Tim Anderson, Masterchef winner 2011
a. Walk from here along Shad Thames until you reach the end of Tea Trade Wharf
b. Look across the water and you can see HMS President jetty
c. To the right of this you will see a gap in the buildings, this is Alderman’s Stairs

7. Alderman’s Stairs (Shad Thames) – read by Danny Kingston, food blogger Food Urchin
a. From here walk along Bermondsey Wall then turn right along George Row
b. When you reach Jamaica Road, turn left to Bermondsey station
c. Take the 188 from Stop D all the way to National Maritime Museum

8. Old Royal Naval College, SE10 9NN – read by Jonny Pile, Executive Editor of Shortlist Magazine
a. Walk through the gardens of the National Maritime Museum to The Old Brewery in the Old Royal Naval College

9. The Old Brewery, SE10 9LW – read by Alastair Hook, Founder and Brewmaster of Meantime Brewing
a. Walk back out to Woolwich Road and turn left
b. Follow Woolwich Road until you turn left onto Blackwall Lane
c. Follow Blackwall Lane until you reach your final stop
d. The Meantime Brewery will be on your left

10. The Tasting Rooms, SE10 0AR – read by Nick Miller, CEO of Meantime Brewing