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Every year we brits waste millions of pounds on unwanted Christmas presents. We found that for 30% of us, the pressure is seriously on when the time comes to buy a decent gift. We also know people would rather just receive a beer - we're in the business, so it was a no brainer for us to step in and help out.

Our Secret Santa 'Hopline' was open between 8am - 10am on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th December. 100 lucky winners were chosen at random each day to receive a Meantime gift pack, and those who were successful were notified by 12pm on day of entry and their prize dropped off before 6pm the following day to a central London postcode. To read our Secret Santa Prize Draw Terms & Conditions head over here

This competition was subject to our Secret Santa Prize Draw Terms & Conditions. Meantime values the privacy of those who provide personal data to us. Please see the Privacy Statement in the Terms & Conditions for further information.

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In 2000, 34% of Internet users used dial-up. This dropped to 3% in 2013, before it was stopped completely in the UK.