Jack visits: The Proud Archivist

Tucked away in the winding canal paths of deepest, hippest East London is a ‘pub’ that doesn’t fit into the traditional mould. Myself and Big Al took the arduous journey up the overground recently to check it out and sup on some fine Meantime brews in new surroundings.

The Proud Archivist is an art gallery / pub / café / restaurant / events space that sits neatly beside the Regents Canal only 5 minutes’ walk from Haggerston station.

Don’t be put off by its slightly austere aesthetics - this venue needs to be able to reinvent itself at a moments notice to accommodate what it needs to do that day. When we visited there was an exhibition of all of Storm Thorgerson’s work (Google him, you’ll know all his work without realising you did) and to be honest it was a touch strange, but in a good way.

Whilst in a traditional pub other than some velvet curtains and excitingly stained carpeting there isn’t much to look at, in the Proud Archivist there is a constant draw to wander about with your freshly poured pint. On top of this your co-drinkers might (and indeed most weren’t at 3pm) not be drinking beer, but be supping on coffee or sitting down to a hearty meal with the paper. Such is the case in a venue that is this multifunctional.

The beer on offer, then, has to match this chameleon of a space. What better than a range of Meantime’s beers? They serve London Lager for people who want an easy beverage to glug whilst catching up with friends and discussing the art work they’re looking at, whilst still delivering its fair share of flavour. They also serve London Pale Ale, great for those who are about to have dinner and want a beer that is going to compliment the pork belly with apple compote they’ve just ordered, or, if instead they fancy the Cumbrian Native beef burger then the Yakima Red is on tap too.

Then, to top it all off, Meantime’s Limited Edition beers are here on draught which is going to be heavy and warming in the winter (look out for our spiced Porter Winter ’14) and light and refreshing in the summer (ShortListFool’s Gold a citra lager will be on the taps when the sun starts properly shining later this year.)

So there you are then, a space with many functions pouring beer for every occasion and serving up a great range of dishes for the beer to compliment, cut or contrast. And all this can be enjoyed whist being surrounded by thought provoking art work or attending events that you’ll be talking about for a while. Definitely somewhere to check out if you’re ever in that part of town! For more info visit The Proud Archivist.