Meantime’s Brewery Fresh London Lager is dispensed direct from specially engineered tanks installed in outlets. The beer is delivered by Meantime’s tankers direct from the maturation tanks at the brewery, creating a unique way of serving beer with the results being immediately obvious: A well rounded smoother lager, with enhanced aromas and flavours. 

Because the beer remains unpasteurised and unfiltered, it continues to mature in tank and therefore improve even while it’s in the pub. The process also means the beer has no contact with the air until it hits the glass (Compressed air used in traditional dispense can adversely affect the taste and ultimately the quality of the beer). The process means that a pint of Meantime Brewery Fresh is like drinking a beer direct from the brewery itself, as fresh as the day it was made.

Watch the video to find out more.

Brewery Fresh is available at the following outlets, click to visit:

The Grove, Balham
The Plough, St.John's Hill
The Crown & Shuttle, Shoreditch
The Castle, Tooting
Forge & Co, Shoreditch
The Wheatsheaf, Borough Market
St.Barts Brewery, Smithfield
Understudy at National Theatre
The Beer Box, The 02
The Meantime Beer a Festival near you !
The Ship, Wandsworth
Woolgate, Guildhall
Lazybones, Farringdon
Wine Vaults, Greenwich
The Tasting Rooms, Greenwich
The Botanist, Broadgate Circle
The Bull, Streatham  
The Grocer, Spitalfields
The Marquis Cornwallis, Bloomsbury
El Vino, Blackfriars
Sindercombe Social, Shepherd's Bush
The Old Brewery, Greenwich
Swingers, St.Mary Axe
Barrio South, Brixton
The Albany, Great Portland Street
Sindercombe Social, Shepherds Bush
The Minories, Tower Hill
St.George's Tavern, Victoria
The Falcon, Clapham
Tank and Paddle, Fenchurch Street
The Crutched Friar, Fenchurch Street
Meat Liquor, Islington
Sir Christopher Hatton, Leather Lane
Dirty Harry's, Soho