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If you’ve ever wanted to delve deeper into beer then now’s your chance. The Knowledge is a series of beer appreciation workshops that allow you to immerse yourselves completely in this wonderful liquid. From Evening Workshops, through to a full day Masterclass, you can choose the level of detail you want to dig into.

We won’t train you to be a brewer overnight, but we'd like to say that you've taken your first step on the Trainee Brewer ladder!

One Day Masterclass


A five hour course led by Rod Jones; brewer and Institute of Brewing and Distilling's Beer Sommelier of the Year 2015/16. This day course includes a brewery tour and then the following modules: Ingredients of beer, Brewing process, Science behind taste, Evaluation of beer, Faults in beer, Serving temperature of beer, Beer and Food, World's greatest beer styles. Participants will be issued with printed course notes at the end of the course. Lunch and a full beer tasting included. This course occurs on the last Friday of the month and costs £90.

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Malt Meets Mixology


Like cocktails? Love beer? Learn how to unlock the flavours and aromas of proper beer in unison with spirits as we create 4 amazing beer infused cocktails.

This workshop is entirely hands on, so get ready to shake, stir, squeeze and flame as our ambassadors take you through the history and technique of; Raspberry Malted Milk, La(gin)ger Fizz, Yakima Red Old Fashioned and Espresso Stout Martini.

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Sensational Tour


Beyond taste, we experience beer with touch, sight, sound and smell.

Join us as we challenge and confuse your senses with an all new beer tasting workshop. Taste your way through our core beers with; blindfolds, mouth numbing - Szechuan Pepper Chips, aromatic mist, palate inverting magic berries and a few more surprises along the way.

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Beer & Cheese


When thinking of food pairing many only consider wine, but due to subtle changes in ingredients, beer is often more complex, and in our opinion even more delicious. One of the best examples of this is how beautiful cheese and beer can be together. Harmony and contrast are the secrets to matching these flavours. Join us for a selection of our beers matched with the fantastic local cheeses of The Greenwich Cheeseboard. 

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Barrel Ageing


Some of the world's finest wines and whiskeys rely on the delicate balance of flavours imparted by French and American oak barrels. Join us as we explore the tastes that these woods can add to our beer. Together we'll sample a variety of barrel and oak aged beers, and at the end of the workshop using a mix of spirit-soaked oak chips you'll get to craft your own unique 1L batch to take home and age to perfection.

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