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If you’ve ever wanted to delve deeper into beer then now’s your chance. The Knowledge is a series of beer appreciation workshops that allow you to immerse yourselves completely in this wonderful liquid. From Evening Workshops, through to a full day Masterclass, you can choose the level of detail you want to dig into.

We won’t train you to be a brewer overnight, but we'd like to say that you've taken your first step on the Trainee Brewer ladder!

Brewmeister Tour


Learn the tricks of the trade and intricacies of the brewing process by joining us for a Brewmeister tour!

These tours are led by Meantime’s expert brewers and Beer Gurus.

This tour series will explore intricate details of the brewing process from start to finish and always include a tutored beer tasting. 

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Beer & Cheese At The Union


Like Beer? Like Cheese? Then join us at The Greenwich Union for an evening combining two of our favourite things. When people think about food pairing many only consider wine, but beer is equally and if not more complex, and in our opinion even more delicious One of the best examples of this is how beautiful cheese and beer can be together. Harmony and contrast are the secrets to matching these flavours. Join us for a selection of our beers matched with the fantastic local cheeses coming from The Greenwich Cheeseboard.

The Greenwich Union
56 Royal Hill, Greenwich,
London SE10 8RT

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