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Proper Beer.


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We’ve spent our lives learning everything there is to know about making beer that’s big on flavour and light on compromise.
So we may have skipped a few grammar lessons.

Our Core Beers

Now We

At last, the Meantime cans have landed. We might be late to the party, but we’re dressed to kill. Introducing your short, dark and handsome new companions: London Lager, London Pale Ale and Yakima Red.

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On Tap.

You’ll find our limited editions on tap in some of the greatest pubs across the country. Look out for Helles Lager - back by popular demand, with sampling events nationwide to celebrate.

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The Home
Of London

Meet our founder, Alastair Hook. When he created Meantime, he turned his lifelong passion for brewing into a mission: great beer for everyone. And he did it right here, in the heart of London. Visit our brewery and see where the magic happens.

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