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This week is a very exciting week at the brewery as we have taken receipt of our new brewery, you might ask why we need a second brewery? Well this is our innovation and pilot plant. The kit is designed to give us flexibility and to come up with new beers, use ingredients we don’t get to use as often as we would like and to try out new ingredients while all the time not compromising what is going on in the main brewery. If you’re visiting the brewery it will not be hard to miss as the home for this bit of kit will be in the middle of our front window so everyone will be able to see what’s involved in the brewing processes, warts and all.

We have spent the past six months planning and designing this plant with the manufacturers based in Canada. DME are the same company we used back in 2001 to build the original kit so we know it will work and that it will produce great tasting beers. The idea behind the plant is to make it as flexible as possible so that there will be no limitations with what we can do with the kit. We have used the detail and precision that we have with the main brewery but taken away some of the automation.

It will also be a great tool to help train our brewers and new brewers on so they can get a really good feeling for the kit and brewing in a more basic way.
We already have loads of ideas planned with the beers which we are going to brew on this kit but all that will come a bit later as we are busy installing and commissioning the brewhouse for the next week but rest assured there will be some truly amazing beers coming out of this brewhouse to really get the taste buds tingling.

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