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Brewer x Artist. The neon is glowing. Bickerstaff's beer is brewed.

In the six weeks it’s taken us to brew this beer, expert neon artist Julia Bickerstaff has created a Meantime-inspired neon installation for our pop-up Make Time For It bar. This Saison de Nuit beer is packed full of vibrant and elegant fruit flavours, creating a real flavour sensation that will light up your taste buds. #MTFILeeds

Glass has been worked and manipulated for centuries for its beauty and versatility. It has so many uses, but by far the most important is the movement and control of light, from windows to decoration. Julia Bickerstaff has worked with glass for most of her life, even as a schoolgirl. Today Julia makes creative neon and other art based pieces, from small work to large public space pieces.

Make Time For It

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