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The ‘Make Time For It’ opens !

Our Make Time For It journey has reached its conclusion and we have opened the smallest craft beer bar named ‘The Make Time For It’ in Greenwich, with space for just two people at a time. We’re now encouraging people to “make time for it” and take time to connect with others and appreciate the bespoke crafted elements and beer in the bar, without digital distraction.


Entry is free and you can pre-book a time slot or simply turn up on the day to experience the bar. Guests will be treated to a free beer of their choice whilst inside the bar, where they can also enjoy the specially bespoke crafted items on display which were specially produced to create the ideal watering hole. Visitors will also walk away with a bespoke personalised bottle of Pale Ale.

The Make Time for It will be situated on Peninsula Square in North Greenwich, the perfect spot for gig-goers heading to the O2 or passers-by to enjoy a refreshing beer. Doors open on Friday October 21st until Sunday 30th October.


Our ‘Make Time for It’ bar has been designed in collaboration with six of the country’s finest craftspeople as part of the ‘Make Time For It’ campaign. The bar offers you an opportunity to take a break from busy life and digital distractions – mobile phones will be handed over to the resident landlord – encouraging patrons to take time together over the nation’s favourite drink.


Our ‘Make Time For It’ campaign was designed to highlight the importance of time, the fifth ingredient in ours beers, as well as celebrate the best of British craft from across the country. The bar was designed to help create the perfect drinking environment – a space to appreciate craft in a variety of forms and the perfect spot to spend time catching up with a mate over a beer. And watch out as we’re also exploring the idea of sending the bar on tour around the country, made possible by the fact that it fits comfortably in a Transit van!


The bar itself features wallpaper that has been designed by Marion Parola and Yvonne Elliott of Bespoke Atelier in Glasgow, while all the pint glasses on display have been hand blown by James Adlington of Bristol Blue Glass who have been making exclusive glassware for over 25 years. While enjoying a pint, customers will be seated on a unique bar stool created from recycled brewing waste by furniture designer Liam Hopkins of Lazerian, based in Manchester.

Those visiting the bar can bask in the glow of a bespoke neon installation created in Leeds by Julia Bickerstaff of Neoncraft. Even the landlord of the country’s smallest boozer will don a specially designed waistcoat, handmade by iconic Brighton tailor, Gresham Blake. A gilded mirror pub sign adds the finishing touch, created by leading London sign writer Ged Palmer.


Crowd favourites London Lager and London Pale Ale will be pouring alongside six limited edition Make Time For It beers (whilst they last!), which were each brewed in collaboration with the six craftspeople.

The six unique Make Time For It beers include:

Hop Back (Manchester): A classic mild beer with a spiced berry aroma for a modern twist

Maison Hop (Glasgow): A rich and smoky cognac barrel-aged black ale with hints of smooth vanilla.

Time to Time (Leeds): A Saison de Nuit that will light up your taste buds with vibrant fruit flavours.

Hourglass (Bristol): Crisp, dry pilsner with fresh pressed apple notes inspired by cider. The sugars from the fermentation come from a blend of malt and apple juice, giving a fruity twist to a classic dry pilsner.

The Tweedster (Brighton): Passionfruit wheat beer packed full of punchy, vibrant fruit flavours, well balanced against a beautiful wheat beer backbone.

Luminor (London): a hoppy pale ale with zesty citrus flavours from the wild Sussex Hop.

Find out more about the Make Time For It journey.

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