The Tasting Rooms

The Tasting Rooms will be reopening indoors from May 19th so you can now enjoy the freshest beer in town safe from the elements. Our outdoor areas will remain open though with limited outdoor seating during the week. Please note not all tables outdoors are completely covered and open to some elements so do bring a coat if the weather makes a turn.

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We can't wait to welcome you back


Opening Hours:

Wednesday - Thursday: 3pm-9pm

Friday - Saturday: 12pm-10pm

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You can taste throughout the day and our friendly bar staff can chat for hours about the golden stuff. In the likely instance you still find yourself wanting more, we even have a cold store room where you can pick up a case or two to savour later or share with mates. The bar in our Tasting Rooms is far from your average local watering hole, you’re in the guts of a working brewery, watching the brewers work their magic just metres away.


Fresh burgers and some of our favourite sides come together with the very beer we brew. Prepared in our fully spec’d kitchen with all the flavours of Meantime.

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